explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society.

Obesity plays a major role in this documentary.

With 14,267 McDonald’s restaurants alone, no wonder why America is an obese nation. On average, there is around 285 McDonald’s restaurants in each state. This is the leading contributing factor to obesity. In this documentary, they only focus on one of the major fast food outlets. There are many other fast food outlets. You can see that this is just how bad one of these are. With obesity one of the major causing deaths, we can see why this is throughout the documentary.

I think that obesity can be avoided by younger aged kids being taught more about it in primary school. If younger people are warned about the dangers of eating too much processed food, they should get the picture that it isn’t good for you to eat on a regular occasion. With around 35% of all American adults obese, they have a higher chance of getting their own kids overweight and then obese.

Obesity doesn’t just affect people physically, it affects them emotionally as well. They don’t get out enough because they are self-conscience about their appearance which then can lead to other things. America is the second most obese nation in the world just after Mexico, the only way to drop them further and further down the list is to stop eating fast food. Epically ones with high salt, high fats and oil.

For obesity to end, fast food outlets need to cut back on the oil, fats and salts they put on the food. They also need to cut down on the size of the meals. The meals are too big, people eat because there is food in front of them, even if they are full.

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