Love you,
love everybody,
love yourself!!


As we usually do ,let's watch some videos to start the lesson...

Secondly,we'll watch this motivational video,I think you'll enjoy it a lot!!

If you think about it carefully,you'll see that your worries with your aspect are not so big... So,you must focus on "What defines you??"

And you'll see what's the most important thing: Be yourself and do your best!!

I really believe in it!!

I'm quite sure!!: You are a pretty amazing person!!

And now:
What are we going 2 do?

Step 1

In small groups or pairs: We are going to take funny and "ridiculous" photos ... using for it different apps to distorsionate your image.

Let's have fun!!

Step 2

After it,we are going to edit them in order to create something... But you'll have to decode this QR to know exactly what to do...

Something to have fun!! ;)

Becouse you are a real hero!!!