A Career As A Boilermaker
- Alex Spence

Career Overview

Boilermakers construct, assemble, maintain, and repair steam boilers, and boiler house auxiliaries.

The main goal for a Boilermaker is to maintain the Boilers. Boilermakers read blueprints and mark reference points on boiler foundations. They attach ropes or chain to the boiler pieces, and signal to crane operators where to move them. Boilermakers use hammers, files, grinders, and cutting torches to remove uneven edges or reshape bent plates. They align the sections and bolt or weld the pieces to attach them. They test for leaks or other defects.

They update the burners, boiler tubes, and other parts to increase efficiency. Boilermaker mechanics inspect boilers and repair or replace any parts that are not working properly.

Career  Skills and Interests

Boilermakers need to Communicate , read and understand work-related materials, listen to others and ask questions. Reason and Problem solve, Notice when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong, develop a vision of how a system should work. Use Math and Science, Manage oneself, people, time, and things. Work with people and work with things. They also need to visualize how something will look if it is moved around or its parts are rearranged.

Career Working Conditions

Boilermakers communicate on a daily basis by telephone and in face to face discussions. They may write letters and memos, but less frequently. Have a medium level of social interaction. Boilermakers often work alone but also communicate with supervisors and other building personnel. Regularly wear hardhats, harnesses, protective clothing, safety glasses and shoes, and respirators. Often exposed to loud noises. Must fully complete and be exact in their work. Errors could result in serious injury to self, coworkers, or building occupants. Usually work a 40 hour week. May work overtime to meet deadlines or make emergency repairs.

Career Wages and Outlook

Boilermakers who work full time usually receive benefits. Common benefits include sick leave, paid vacation, health insurance, and a retirement plan. About half of all boilermakers belong to a union.

Growth in this Occupation is expected to increase however the amount of growth will depend on the cost of coal or natural gas.

Hourly : $29.56

Annual : $61,480

Career Related Occupations

- Construction Trades                                   - Plumbing and water Supply

Program Overview

Boilermakers do not need to attend College to become one. Instead they need to have a high school diploma and complete an apprenticeship program where they follow a real boilermaker and learn all the things they need.

Program Admission

As I have said before you do not need to attend college to become a boilermaker. Taking welding classes and other construction type of classes can help.

Schools that offer my Program of Study

- South Central     -  The University of Minnesota    -  Tribal Colleges

College Choice:   South Central

College Info

Size and Location - South Central is located in Mankato, Minnesota. This is more of a smaller community college. The enrollment is 3,025

Admission Requirements - Accuplacer and High School Diploma.

College Expenses - Tuition is about $5,378 but the total expenses is $6,629.

Financial Aid - FAFSA, School sponsered scholarships and state.

Housing- There is no housing.

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