No. 0704

limited edition summer perfume oil
by Yates Apothecary

The Notes

  • ozone
  • amber
  • neroli
  • vanilla
  • salt
  • citrus

The Name by Leah Kubiak

A contest was held to name the summer perfume oil and Leah Kubiak (from Lakewood, Ohio) was the winner.

Leah: "I'd name it 0704...because The Fourth of July screams summer. The scents make me think summer, fresh fruit (fruity drink on the beach [salt]), ozone - outside, riding my bike: summer!"

I can't think of a more fitting name for this summertime perfume oil. Thank you Leah.

Launch Date

No. 0704 will officially be released on May 11th during The Cleveland Flea. There will be a launch party at the Yates Apothecary booth. Afterwards, No. 0704 will be available via my Etsy site or directly from me. Details will follow.