My PAAC Digital Portfolio 2014-15

By: Alondra Perez                                                                          Period:7

E-Mails & Blogs

The main reasons we would use E-Mail would be for a warm up explaining what we learned the last week and we would also use E-Mail for turning in links for projects. For blogs we used blogger and for that we made our name and other words. We made a quick warm up about our favorite movie and talking about ourselves.

Digital Photography

For the unit on Digital Photography we used cameras to make a scavenger hunt on finding random things outside but we had a list on what to look for and when we finished taking pictures we had to make a presentation with all the pictures we took and the presentation had to be on keynote.

Keynote Presentation

For Keynote we made a presentation using Digital Photography and we named it scavenger hunt.

Video Production

For this unit we made a movie trailer in groups we used cameras to record the clips and we made it using iMovie.

Sound Engineering

For this we learned how to cut sound clips and make it sound like the person is saying a different thing than what that person really said.


For photoshop we made a project on two of your favorite animals and combining them into one and then making a presentation on what they eat what they do where they live and all other characteristics.


For animation we used SketchUp and we made houses in 3D and we decorated the inside and the outside of the house.

Fashion Design

For this unit we made our own fashion line and made a website out of it.

Game Design

For game design we had to play through levels and create out own games too.

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