Geometry All Around Us

By Sarah Chapman

Which two angles are congruent?

a) A and B

b) B and C

c) C and A

If AB is parallel to CD, what is the transversal?

What type of angles are the corresponding angles shown?

Does the problem: "Angle 1=Angle 5" make the sets of lines parallel to each other?

What is the sum of an interior angle of a pentagon?

If the measure of angle A= 100 degrees, and the measure of angle B= 40 degrees, then what side is the longest?

What is the measure of an exterior angle of this polygon?

If the WWII memorial is parallel to the Lincoln Memorial, then are all angles right angles?

What is the simularity between Line AC and line CD?

If Lines A and B are perpendicular to the ground, then they would make __ Degree angles.

1- C

2- Line CB

3- Vertical

4- No

5- 108 degrees

6- Side BC

7- 90 degrees

8- No

9- Perpendicular

10- 90

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