Cruelty of War Horses During WW1

By: Ally Leatham

Horses Shouldn't Be Used in War!!!!!

Horses shouldn't be used in the war because... :

- Most of the horses used in the war were killed or injured.

According to the article, approximately 4.22 million horses were killed in the war. Another 6.6 million horses were injured.

-Horses had to endure the tortures of war just like the soldiers.

Horses were exposed to tear gas, shell shock, drowning in craters, or direct hits from artillery.

-Most of the horses didn't return to their normal lives after the war.

According to the article, most of the horses that were still living after the war were sold for food.

-The horses hadn't done anything but served their masters completely and loyally their whole lives.

A horse memorial puts it best: "Most obediently and often most painfully they died- faithful until death."

-Soldiers were bothered by seeing the horses suffer through the war.

Many of the soldiers were farmers before they enlisted, so they had a personal connection to horses and it brought them down seeing these animals hurt.

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