The Holocaust


Why would you be condemned to repeat history if you don't learn about it? George Santayana states "Those Who Cannot Remember The Past Are Condemned To Repeat It." If you cannot learn the importance of the Holocaust, you're condemned to repeat the Holocaust.

To begin with, The Wave by Todd Strasser conveys the message of "All men are created equal." but turns into "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." "It's like anybody who resists us has to be wiped out..." (Pg 105 of The Wave.) Since the students never learned why the other Germans never helped during the Holocaust, Ben Ross decides to do an experiment called The Wave. Trying to show how life was during Nazi Germany is just plain stupid. Especially trying to doit with something like The Wave.

To continue with, There were some events that happened that could truly change the outcome of the Holocaust. Madame Harkness's Uncle, Mom and Grandmother helped save 300 Jews by going to a cart stop point which were carrying the Jews and hid them in their store basement. If some folks at the time learned about what was being done by Madame Harkness's family members, They would at least try to help or do the exact same thing. If everyone at the time tried to help, there would probably be more Jews living today.

Last but not least, Our WWII posters have valuable info too. Nazis tried to hide Incriminating evidence against themselves but failed. Illegal Nazi groups today have obviously not learned about the Nazi's failure to deny that the Holocaust ever existed. If those illegal Nazi Groups today got into some serious trouble and tries to cover up that they were never apart of that situation they would fail. The evidence is basically a life lesson. If you can't learn from your mistakes, in this case is the Holocaust. Your going to repeat the holocaust.

The Holocaust is very important. If you cannot learn the importance of the Holocaust, It's not going to be repeated. If you make mistakes, and can't learn from those mistakes, your going to repeat those mistakes. Always remember learning is a choice. Not a requirement.

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