Propaganda Poster for Animal Farm

By: Cheyenne Massenburg

Listen to all the animals here on the animal farm, we are encouraging you to listen to us carefully. We cannot say this enough but what goes up on "Four legs is good and whats up on Two legs is bad. All of us animals need to stick together and not let the Comrades get to us at all. We will not associate with the humans nor will we be like them in any way.The humans are never good, the only good human is the ones that are dead. This is a propaganda called bandwagon, because they leaders are encouraging all the other animals to be be on one side only and to know whats rights, they are getting into the animals mind by telling them what to do.Also this is a type of name calling propaganda because the animals call humans a disgrace to the world and they are the reason for so many problems and they also go on and on about how they don't ever want to be like the animals and that they will never be the same.

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