Rubber Exports



Charles Goodyear played a big role in the demand for rubber. He created a process for vulcanizing rubber, which made it more durable and useful. This development by Goodyear sparked demand for rubber in Europe and the United States.


Rubber is harvested in the form of latex from trees by cutting the bark and collecting what drains out. It was prized for its elasticity, resiliency, and waterproof quality.


Exported from modern day Brazil in the Amazon basin. It was sent there because Europe had the highest demand for rubber.


The first commercial factory for rubber processing opened in Paris, France in 1803. Rubber was very popular as a utilitarian substance in the late 1800s.


Rubber was popular because it could be used for many different purposes. In the United States it was used for suspenders. In Britain, demand for rubber was because it was used to make braces. It was also used for waterproofing.

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