Solution to stop child soldiers in Uganda

from Pietro rizzo

There are many solutions that governments around the world and normal people like you and me can use to the stop child soldiers around the world. As you may know, this is a problem that concerns many countries around the world. There is two methods that are the most affective in trying to stop child soldiers, these methods are demobilization and reintegration. Let’s start with demobilization, this is when the armies of a nation go from combat ready to non-combat ready, this means that the government that is implying this method disband some of their armies and units and send them back home because the fighting is done. Then there is reintegration, this means that we prepare the people that have a lived a traumatising situation to be repute back into society, in this case it would be children who were child soldier in the past. They would be put into institutions that would have the task of making these children mental stable, so that they can go back and live with their family. Sounds pretty easy right? Well it’s not that simple, because not every government as the resources, like money and a proper bureaucracy to employ these two methods. Some hove these country don’t even have the stability to put these method to use, for example in Uganda, the government as to deal with rebels and terrorist like the Lord resistance army, which is a group that is using child soldiers to fight their wars. Every day people can help stop this two, there is many things we can do like donating to certain group like amnesty international, Cultures of Resistance and we can also like there facebook pages, so that they can grow bigger and can be able to do more stuff. So we all have a part to play in ending child soldiers in country just like Uganda.

3 links:

-End the Use of Child Soldiers. Cultures of Resistance Network, 2015. 28 of April.

-Coalition to Stop the Use of Child Soldiers. Pixels and Pulp, 1998. 28 of April 2015

- A personal appeal from James Nesbitt. Child Soldiers International, 2015. 28 of April 2015

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