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Juventus intentionally Bundesliga club Werder Bremen 18 year old teenager AndresTello. Since 2013, the Bundesliga team Werder Bremen while using Serie A champions Juventus have started cooperation to Buy Fifa Coins Account, the current Juventus Bremen want to sign 18 year old teenager, Colombia players Tello. Good  message Bremen wish to sign Juventus star of hope Andres Tello.

World Championship campaign in New Zealand currently Tello, Colombia lost around the fifacionsingamesofcheap was eliminated in the knockout round, Tello took part in every games in Colombia.

Tello capable midfield multiple locations, Bremen hope he served around the 6th place. Tello current ownership club Envigado, Colombia, on loan to Juventus. Juventus purports to enable buy out clause  to obtain. Tello for Juventus youth team played in Moreover, in step with "Bild" reported that in addition to Bremen, there's another two Bundesliga teams thinking about Tello.