Small Business Guide to Multifunction Printer

Multifunction printers have become popular with small business owners as they save a lot of space and reduces energy costs while improving the organization's productivity by integrating all of the traditional office duties such as scanning, printing, faxing and copying into a single compact device. When you decide to buy multifunction printer, you should need to keep in mind that there are a lot of factors that can affect your selection process.

Do you really need a multifunction printer?

Before you decide to buy multifunction printer, it is good if you assess the needs of your company first as this can dictate there's really a need for you to buy one. Essentially a multifunction printer is a printer that also has a faxing, scanning and copying capability. Of course, even if you don't really have a regular need to fax, copy or scan anything it is still good to have a multifunction printer in your organization as it provides your organization with flexibility to do so when you need it.

Type of printer

If your company intended to use the multifunction printer as a printer then it is important that you pay attention to the printing capabilities of the multifunction printer that you will choose. Having an estimate of your company's average number of printed documents per day can also be helpful when you're looking for a multifunction printer since it can give you an idea if the one you chose has a duty cycle that meets your business' needs. Printers that are for high volume printing are more expensive but luckily nowadays there is already a wide selection of multifunction printer in the market that are based on both inkjet and laser printing engines.

Do you need to fax anything?

Nowadays, there are already a lot of multifunction printers that are not equipped with fax modems which is also okay if your business doesn't have a need to fax anything. The faxing capability of a multifunction printer is pretty handy when you have documents that needs to be signed but fax machines would also needs a phone line.

Quality of scanned documents

Usually, multifunction printer unit is built with a scanner that can handle low to medium resolution scanning which is perfect if you only need to scan documents. But if you need something that can provide you with a high resolution scanning of photos and other medias then it will be better if you will buy a standalone scanning unit or a multifunction printer that are fit for photo scanning or printing.

Document feeders

If your company is going to scan, print or fax a high volume of documents then it is best that you also consider to buy multifunction printers that has an automatic document feeders. In doing so, you should also consider the multifunction printer's capacity as models that can hold 50 sheets of paper or more are usually more expensive.