Sasha Cohen  a Champion Ice Skater

By: Poojitha Malempati

Sasha Cohen was born at West wood, California, 26 October 1984. Before she started her career she was a gymnast. Finally when she seven years old she went ice skating with a friend, soon to fall in love with it. She later took lessons, learning little by little every weekend. At eleven years of age she began to become more competitive. She soon participated in a youth skater rink. John Nicks ( a famous ice coach) saw great potential in Sasha, and started training her. After a few years of training Sasha entered in short program. During the free skate she had earned first place, allowing her to compete in the championships. But unfortunately she could not compete because she sprained her back. Felling devastated she worked even harder,and later she had won first place in the Olympics of Salt Lake City,Utah.

Map of Sasha's home town


From left to right, Kimmie Meissner (silver), Sasha Cohen (gold), Emily Hughes (bronze), and Katy Taylor (pewter) at the 2006 U.S Nationals.
Photo made by Poojitha Malempati. Sorry if its too small.
Sasha training a skating routine.

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Natalie ~ I really like how you included the map of her hometown, and I love all the details! Good job