Coruscant is a country that is divided into states that take up quadrants of the country. The country wasn't founded by anyone because it was just slowly built up from Human's to the point where it was an entire country working together. The country dates back to 200,000 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin) which was a battle between the Human's and Jedi's over the control of the land. After the battle, the Jedi takes over and becomes our government so they have they're religion the Force, which passes down to generations, Jedi or not.

       The government of the country is governed by the members of the Jedi Order. The Jedi Order keeps balance and peace in the Galaxy. The Jedi Order is in control because they have the power to see the good and bad of everything and even somethings they can see the future. The Jedi Order believes in the force and even the non-Jedi, which would be the humans, believe in the Force.

       Our religion is called Force and anyone who is born into or joins the force is called a Jedian while born Jedi's are automatically in the Jedi Order. The Force is what the Jedi belief gives them their power and is what protects us Jedian. Jedians also belief in the Dark Side which is where Jedi who want more power then they already have they leave the Jedi Order and go to the Dark Side and become Sith, wielders of the Dark Side. The Dark Side is considered evil and has been battling with the Jedi Order for longer than imaginable.

      Our language is called Galactic Basic but is commonly refereed to as Basic. There are more diverse speaker from other parts of country's such as the language Huttese. My country mostly uses the language Basic because Humans are the ones who populated the country first and then the Jedi Order took over but we still use our original language. Galactic Basic is also what Jedi's speak so the language is used a lot but the bad part is, is that if you go to other country's, they're languages are so complex and if you grow up in Coruscant only speaking Basic you will never be able to under stand anyone else.

This is our Country's Flag. It resembles the Jedi Order.

This is usually what is sold at restaurants and is a tradition to eat these at parties or gatherings. We don't celebrate anything specific so we don't have traditional meals.

For recreational fun we have annual races that anyone can enter and win money if they place top 3. These contests are as big as the Superbowl but way more dangerous.

We have drones that were made for a war on us but we had taken and manipulated them so that they cn go to battles for us and keep our country safe from the Dark Sides army of drones.

Jedian go to school from per-k to they are 16 and learn about the Jedi Order, the Force, and the Dark Side and history, and when they reach 16 the graduate. While young Jedi are trained from the ages 4 to 16, they train for battle and learn combats and also learn the way of the Force. When Jedi graduate they become an apprentice of an upper class Jedi and once the Older Jedi feels they have taught their apprentice all they need to know they let them off to go and train their own new Jedi and then this process continues.

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