Young Eleanor Roosevelt

She was born October 11, 1884 She died November 7, 1962.

Significant Events In History That Affect The Person.

She got kicked out of school and she felt like she disgraced her family Her dad had to leave to Virginia because of his sickness so she was home alone a lot.  

Eleanor Childhood

Her parent's left her alone with Aunt Anna Grace. She felt like she needed to prove that she needed courage she tried going to Europe but the Britannic sank her dad got sick for a long time.

People who influenced Her

Her dad and her mom helped her threw a lot when she was a kid her brother was always on her side no matter what he still loved her no matter how much they fight and her husband Frank he was her first and only love supporting her for his rest of her life.

unicque facts about her

She wanted good she wanted strong social change she wanted to do something with someones life like help them or do something good for them no matter how much she wants to she tries her hardest make everyone happy.

Her Accomplishments

She sailed to England in the fall of 1899 March 17,1905 she fell in love with Franklin She was the first lady and she helped people who needed help and she put her voice out to the world for social change.

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Her theme of her life was

Never give up on something so hard and so long you wanted to do all your life.

Her words of thought taught me was

Never give up don't lie stay the same don't change be who you want to be not someone else you need to be herd

The real her

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