-Gold Fever

1a). Why  did John Sutter want to keep the discovery of gold a secret?                          

○ John Sutter probably wanted to keep the discovery of the gold they found a secret because, he wanted  the area to be his for his empire and not attract others to the area.

1b). How do you think he felt when the news leaked out?

• John Sutter probably felt angry and a little bit sad, because he now has lost all of his land for his empire, to people lookinf gor gold.

1c). What effect would it have had on California if the new had remained a secret?

The effect it would have on California if the news remained a secret... it would be less crowed and less people would be there also it wouldnt be so famous also less harm would be done to it by people trying to survive.

2). Why did the California gold rush cause the crime rate to go up?

○ The California gold rush caused the crime rate to go up because, people were getting frustrated and angry when they couldnt find gold also people were stealing other peoples gold. Also when they didnt find anything they drowned their sarrows in the bar or salloon.

3). Write a paragraph saying which route you would choose. Include the advantages and disadvantages of all the different routes?

○ I would travel the route through oregon because even though it would be hot and you have to travel 2,000 miles with little food and water! You wouldnt have to worry about all the illnesses like malaria, cholera, and death.

4). Some people made a fortune out of the gold rush. Write a paragraph explaining the best ways to make money?

• I think the best way to make money during the gold rush would be to buy all the tools needed to find gold and sell them for double or triple the price. Also if you had a tool or supplie someone needed to survive you could sell it to them for more if they really needed it they would by it!


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