Artisan Breads, Proofing Cabinet Baxter Triple Proofer

Baxter BPW3S Triple Roll-In Proofer
The Baxter BPW3S triple roll-in proofer has all the standard proofer features, plus two wide loading doors. Doors swing from the corners with no center jamb to obstruct loading or unloading.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel construction is rugged, long lasting and attractive
  • Door-mounted digital control panel is set at eye-level for easy access and visibility
  • Digital controls allow you to precisely set temperature and humidity to meet the requirements of your product.
  • Reliable humidity control ensures precise proofing control needed with delicate products without worry of clogged nozzles or inadequate humidity.
  • Individual rack timers simplify proofing products with different time requirements simultaneously.