Country-Culture Research Project

Name: _____

Directions: Research your assigned country and give a three-five minute presentation with your tackk as your visual aid. Include all things listed below. Add your source(s) as links at the bottom of the tackk. Use your CultureGram research.

Things to include in project

  1. Location and capital city (include a map)
  2. Brief history (government)
  3. Flag (include a photo)
  4. Language(s)
  5. Popular food (include a photo or a recipe)
  6. A landmark or popular place to visit (include a photo)
  7. Interesting Culture Fact (include a photo)

(The following is an in progress tackk site project- this is not completed- it is for classroom demonstration.)

A brief history

Facinating France

Share details here.


Flag of France


Share details here.


Share details here.

Place to visit

Share details here.

Eiffel Tower

Interesting Culture Fact

Share details here.


"France." CultureGrams Online Edition. ProQuest, 2014. Web. 4 Dec 2014.