Marcus- Man harleen I am whipped from the days work

Harleen- Yeah I am too, my bread basket is hungry

Marcus- So much happened but you know what I am going to do now

Harleen- What?

Marcus- get wallpapered , with some of that joy juice we got in the kitchen counter

Harleen- Ok, i’ll get me some bark juice

Marcus- Please got some for me too

Harleen- ok be right back one second

Marcus- BULLY,

Harleen-Should I also grab a root?

Marcus- Yeah and get me all of the hornets that I have I want to shoot some gray backs

Harleen- Ok

Marcus- get me some goobers to

Marcus- I am just bluffing

Harleen- You better be

Marcus- Oh no the popo is at that the door I got to skitdaddle, you know how

Harllen- But wait you didn’t finish your joy juice

Marcus-its ok I have some more in my pocket

Harleen- This is the second time this week this happened.