List Eruption 2 Review

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If you are working so hard to increase your database list manually, considering List Eruption 2.0 can make your job much simpler. It is a WordPress plugin that was designed to provide ease and convenience to those website owners who want to boost their site’s email list without using the manual method or technique.

List Eruption 2.0 helps internet marketers by using the power of incentives or rewards and friend referrals. It automatically delivers reward information as quickly as possible to let people access about your offers without facing any inconvenience. Once you considered List Eruption 2.0, you will be able to maximize the numbers of your subscribers, develop a referral system, which will provide rewards to your subscribers. You will also start to build a relationship with your subscribers through the help of an email list. With the said benefits, your profits will increase, and you will earn more than you expected.

The first version of List Eruption was launched in year 2010. It includes features that will help internet marketers build a massive and viral email list without paying on some companies’ services. Because of the success of List Eruption 1.0, the developer of the said WordPress plugin decided to launch a whole new version of List Eruption with amazing features.

Wonderful Features of List Eruption 2.0

Clean + Easy to Use UI
Responsive/Mobile-Friendly Squeeze Page Designs
Fits Perfect in FB Tabs, Mobile + Tablet Devices
Unique Referral URL Creation + Tracking
Reward/Incentive Delivery
Reward Level Creation and Tracking
Unlockable Badges (Gamification Concept)
Auto-Responder Integration

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