by amelia ford

  “Hurry up we
can’t be late!” My mom called as we load up our bags and ourselves into the
van. Every year my whole family (aunts, uncles, etc.) takes a vacation to Lake
Michigan for a week.  We drive up a private
road in Glenn Michigan to a humongous cottage we all stayed in called Sunset
Lodge. If you want to go swimming you can walk down a luscious hill in our
front yard to a private beach of white sand and crystal clear water. On the
beach the little kids play in the sand and the adults sit on the beach and the
older kids play in the lake. Every night on the beach we have a camp fire and
watch the fluorescent sunset together as a family. One day out of the week the adults
go out to eat at a restaurant and bring back pizza for the children. Last time
was our last time visiting, I cried like a baby. After that last week I knew I
will never see that joyful place again. Sometimes I think of how much I yearn to
visit that place again, just for a day.

    1 My cottage in Glenn Michigan  2 A beautiful purple sunset  3 Glenn is starred

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