By :                                                                  Bethany Wiggins

Mood : Apprehensive, Cold, Confining


Protagonist :

1.) Fiona

2.) Bowen

Antagonist :

1.) The Governor

2.) Arrin

3.) The Militia

4.) The Beasts


    Will Fiona make it out alive?

Central Idea : This Action- Packed story, is about a girl that awakens in her house that is now abandoned with a strange tattoo on her hand. She doesn't remember anything at all including what happened to her or her world. All she knows is that she has to conceal her self because humanity has been divided.

Quote :

                                 " You're Scared of what you can't control"

Theme: Survival  

I would recommend this book to anyone that loves an action book with a plot twist, because it is a really good book that makes you not want to stop reading it and it has a unexpected plot twist at the end.

Book Report Done By : Julia Gonzalez

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