Summer Dance Festaval

Staring, Mia, Jeremiah, and Shad.

Hi, I'm Dabria you may know me from - - (please check it out ; D). Anyway I did the choreography, the baking with some help from my sis (Mia) we had lots of fun planing this for you guys. I'll introduce you to the cast of the show. First up is Mia. Mia is a great sister, and at times soooo sweet. I loved working with her it was interesting ; D. Secondly it's Jeremiah. Jeremiah is a great friend, and is really cool. It was fun working with him. Last but not Least, Shad. Shad has a big imagination, and is intelligent. Shad is Jeremiah's friend, and is AWESOME. But enough about that here's some info about the concert.

Information on the Concert.


Supplies: You will need to bring a swim suit, some sun screen, and a towel. Bring snacks for yourself to.

Why do I need to bring money: There will be stands with food and drinks, and you can buy balloon animals. Dogs, Swords,Hats.

Buy the tickets at apartment 13

: -( D

Other help from Mom, Alison Cook, and more to come.

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