local and gobal wind

What is wind?

Wind is air that is moving.

What causes wind?

Wind is caused by the heat of the sun and the rotation of the earth.

What is a sea breeze?

A sea breeze occurs during the day and is when the warm air over the land expands and rises and is replaced by cool air from the ocean surface.

What is a land breeze?

A land breeze happens at night and when land cools down faster than the ocean sending a cold breeze out to the sea.

What is a jet stream?

A jet stream is a long narrowing current  higher speed wind that moves from west to east and it moves 250 km per hour. The jet stream is 5-7 miles above earth. It moves more than 200 mph. The jet stream is the strongest in the  winter.

What are global wind patterns?

The equator receives direct rays from the sun. Global wind patterns is the way warm air moves from the equator then cools and sinks and then moves back to the equator.

What are prevailing westerlies?

Prevailing westerlies are winds that blow between 30 and 50 degrees latitude in the northern and southern  hemispheres. These winds blow from the west to the east.

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