Bangladesh travel package

Bangladesh is small country of Indian sub continent border with India and Myanmar has its rich culture of flat and indigenous people mostly farmer and priorities of Muslim.

There is six division focus many travel places and attraction in a mile. People are very friendly while you traveling find mainly activities of farmer, fisherman and weavers smiling welcome you to the land.

Cultural tour of dhaka division to experience the difference of happy people, river cruise, archaeology, palaces, monument, museum, folk music, home stays of dhaka village.

Southeast Bangladesh comprised Chittagong division included - world longest sea beach, coral island, game forest, hills tribes and peak trekking expedition through remote one tribal village to another, Rangamati is the home of chakma tribes and hill around fascinating lake.

Northeast Bangladesh tour:

Sylhet and srimongol is very popular road travel destination featured tea garden, rubber plantation, swamp forest, rain forest, hillock beyond rivers, waterfalls, bird sanctuaries and rural landscape.

North Bangladesh:

North Bangladesh is has its world heritage site featured terracotta's mosque's, temples, stupa and ancient city of 3rd century.

Southwest bangladesh is the best places for its magical mangrove forest where live many wildlife included Royal Bengal tiger, sundarban forest and bagerhat sixty dome Mosque is the world heritage sites.

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