The Best Buy Awesome Math Project ! ! !

By: Corban Wilson

Two brands ( Science Master and Science Wizard ) sell a combo pack of Astronomy books. Science master sells 8 books for $99.99 while science wizard sells 12 books for $132.24. But which one is the best buy?

First we have to find the unit rate and to do that we have to set up a proportion. To do that you put the price of the item and you put it over how many of that item are in the package. Like this.

Then we have to divide each proportion so it is over one. To do this divide each number by the number parts that come in the package. Like this.

Next we have to solve the unknown variable by using long division. Like this.

In this situation calculating the unit rate is extremely helpful because it lets you find the better buy and chose which product to buy. Since Science Wizard had the lower unit rate the best buy goes to Science Wizard. So remember if you are ever in doubt use unit rate!