Calcium Carbonate


I am Sodium Carbonate. A white substance. I am made up of, CACO3. I have the elements, calcium, carbon, and oxygen. I have particles of each element in me. I am made up of atoms that consist of the elements that are in me. I am made up of atoms to create me, a molecule. I am Calcium Carbonate.

The everyday uses of me:

I am used an antacid for the stomach and stomach aches. I am naturally found in, chalk marble, and in some corals. And I make up 4% of the earths' crust, and am found in sedimentary rock. I am a good source of calcium. And I am very important to earth's ecosystem. I am the active ingredient in agricultural lime. I am in hard water. The most reactive material is limescale.

Otherwise known as: Limestone, calcite, aragonite, chalk, marble,pearl, and oysters.

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