Yu-gi-oh cards

by Marcus

Look outside see if it is raining. Don't feel heart broken. Pull out your Yu-gi-oh deck and play. In my paper I will talk about how to build a Yu-gi-oh deck,extra deck,the steps of a turn,tips of rare cards and the top ten most popular cards.

How To Build A Yu-gi-oh Deck

You start of with 40-60 cards. You want at lest 20 monsters,12 spell and 8 trap cards.

Extra Deck

Your extra deck can hold 15 cards,the monsters you can hold there are XYZ,Fusion and synchro monsters. XYZ monsters are bordered in black and use whatever the first line says for example 2 level 4 monsters. The monsters you use go behind it to use as XYZ materials. Fusion monsters use specific monsters and polymerization. They are bordered in purple. Synchro monsters are bordered in silver and use 1 tuner and 1 or more non tuner monsters to equal its level.

Steps Of A Turn

There is 6 steps of a turn: the draw phase(draw 1 card). The standby phase(if a card mentions it do it if you want to). Main phase 1(summon/set a monster and set cards if you want to). Battle phase(destroy a monster with your monster). Main phase 2 (summon/set a monster if you haven't already and set more cards). The end phase(end your turn).

Types Of Rare Cards

There are 5 types of rare cards common cards are the base cards they don't have any thing special about them. A regular rare has shiny letters. A super rare has a shiny back round. A ultra rare has both a shiny letters and a shiny back round. A secret rare has shiny letters and lines in the back round. And a ultimate rare has a dull back round and the most rare of all.

Top Ten Most Popular Cards

This is a list of the current top ten most popular cards.

  • 1. The Winged Dragon of Ra
  • 2. Slifer the Sky Dragon
  • 3. Exodus the Ultimate Forbidden Lord
  • 4. Obilisk the Tormentor
  • 5. Dark Magician
  • 6. 5 Headed Dragon
  • 7. Dragon Master Night
  • 8. Monster Reborn
  • 9. Exodia
  • 10. Black Luster Solder

So look outside see if it is raining. If it is...... PLAY YUGIOH!!!!!!