How Reading Can Enhance Your Life

Reading is one of the habits that many people have neglected in today’s world. A generation ago, children spent a considerable amount of their leisure time reading, but that has changed today with more and more children spending time playing video games on their consoles and tablets. Reading is a powerful tool that can enhance your life in amazing ways. Here are a few things what reading can do for you.

Improve Your Memory

Reading can greatly enhance and sharpen your memory. As you read, your mind takes in huge amounts of information that is stored in the brain. As you continue to read, the mind has to remember various things you have read to allow you to visualize the story in the book. Your brain is an amazing part of your body, as you read, every new memory creates synapses in the brain and strengthens existing ones.

Strengthen Analytical Thinking Skills

Have you ever noticed that while you were reading a mystery novel, you solved the mystery in your mind even before you even finished the book? If so, that’s the analytical thinking at work in your brain. Reading helps to strengthen your analytical thinking skills.

Improve Concentration and Focus

In today’s world where multiple things demand our attention, it sometimes becomes hard to focus and concentrate on one single thing. When you read, your whole attention is focused on the story in the book, and everything else becomes unimportant. Reading for 15-20 minutes every morning will increase your focus and concentration at work.

Better Vocabulary and Writing Skills

The more you read, the more your vocabulary will improve. You will come across new words, and it will help you in your day to day life. Being well-spoken and articulate is an advantage in any job. It can help boost your self-esteem and confidence. As your vocabulary improves, your writing skills will improve. Reading helps you polish your writing skills. Most writers learn how to craft their writing by reading the works of other notable and not-so-notable writers.

Jonathan Gualberto is currently pursuing his Master’s in Business Administration and is an avid reader.