Midnight Madness Around-The-Clock Series

The inaugural Adult MidnightMadness started in the year 2000 in Sacramento, CA. Due to a high demand we added Midnight Madness Carson City, NV in 2001. These two adult softball events have grown into two of the largest in the USA.

Huge awards, music, vendors, camping, tailgating, raffle, incredible atmosphere, skills contest, dance offs, tournament swag, wheel of fortune, meet and greet, pre-party and much more to enjoy. Our special hotel rates include a full breakfast with each night stay. Breakfast is served in our Grille Restaurant.

Each year and Midnight Madness event we will hand out far more than $15,000 in Awards In Baseball/ Best Prizes To Win! And each year the prizes get better and better! We hand out prizes for winning, losing, good plays, bad plays, dressing, names, birthdays, bats, top placing teams, bottom placing teams, homerun trots, hot dogging, trivia answers, event contest, play of the game and more. Our favorite part is we don't always know who, how, when or why. It could be anyone for anything, and it could be you.

Your team may not play without full payment and roster turned in before Midnight. All teams must be ready to play at Midnight in case you draw a 1st Round The Horn Baseball.