Pinook USA

Wholesaler of Various Massage and Self-Heating Products

About Pinook USA

An international manufacturer and distributor of personal massagers and heating products, Pinook USA has developed a reputation for excellent customer service. This stems largely from the performance of the company's professional staff, who maintain a strong commitment to meeting customer needs and then going a step beyond. Furthermore, Pinook USA extends this dedication to service to its international network of product vendors. These vendors, located across four continents, receive not only reliable delivery of a professional product but also comprehensive marketing and sales support.

Pinook USA has maintained this service-oriented approach since its inception in 2009. Throughout that time, it has sold a broad range of Class 2 Medical Devices, each approved by the FDA to provide pain-relieving massage therapy. The company's devices travel easily and are available in a convenient range of sizes and styles, from head massagers and massaging footwear to the higher-end Mini, Micro, and Nano Massagers. Pinook USA's website offers a comprehensive description of its product offerings as well as the opportunity to purchase items directly from the company.

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