My name is Clyde Wesley

I am for the Union side and I am from Indiana.
I am 19 years of age and my brother Jim and Tim are fighting in the war as well.
Tim is fighting for the Union in Ohio.
Jim is fighting for the dirty southern Confederates in Alabama.
The date is May 19th, 1862.

I woke up this morning to find a raccoon attempting to steal food from our supplies. I grabbed my gun and was about to shoot it, when it looked up at me. I then stomped its head in with my boot out of fear. I grabbed it and skinned it. Then I cooked it up by the fire to make breakfast for my mess. They awoke and were happy that I had made breakfast for them.  Later, I cooked up some grub that they had given out with the fruit and vegetables we had found and taken from the south after the recent battle. We ate well and were finally relaxing. We were supposed to go back to work the next day so I was shining my boots and the buttons of my uniform. I patched up a hole that was in the pant of my uniform. I opened up the letter from my cousin Tim and received bad news. Their brigade had lost against the south at a fight in Kentucky and he had just escaped with only a minor arm wound. He had good doctors so infection was of little or no possibility. I found an error in one of our maps when I was studying today and I was able to point out a Confederate camp from the letter from my cousin. Today was a good day.

Family Photo before we all went to the war. From left to right: (Me, Tim, and Jim)
Map of the prison camps we know about.

May 20th, 1862

Hello Bridget, I miss you. A man I recently made an acquaintance with only the day before has died on this day. Not only has that man died, but so has Tom. It is a sad day and I just heard about the Siege of Fort Sumter. The confederates won. No one knows how to feel. Everyone has courteous smiles but they don't linger. We were highly outnumbered in the battle at South Carolina. They had 500 regiments but we only had 80. Hopefully we can comeback and win this war. It's looking dim.

Fort Sumter
Fort Sumter before the battle.

May 21st, 1862

I washed the dishes this morning. Then I stretched and exercised for the day. I made my bed and began to pray. I had done it every morning since I'd been in the Union. It was a busy morning. I went out this morning and practiced my shot. Now I'm able to hit the bulls-eye 5-10 times! That's better than the 2 I started with. I cleaned my gun after to help make my gun last longer. And this morning I found a defect in a friend's rifle. I may have saved his life.  

My gun that I use.
A picture of me cleaning my gun.

May 22nd, 1862

I recently received a letter from Bridget. It went a little like this.

Dear Clyde,  I am disheartened to hear that you lost your brother, Tom. I miss you as well. Things are rough back at home. No one is speaking since I told them the news. Clyde. Please let the war be over soon. I want you back. Don't die on me now. I love you. -Bridget...              At reading the letter, I broke down in tears. Something I hadn't done since I signed up for the war. I was determined to live. I had to get back to Bridget. I had to get back home. I learned there was a battle in Williamsburg not long ago. On the 5th of May. We defeated the Confederates! We had a force of about 41,000 against their 32,000! They tried countering us but we were too powerful! The Union army reigns again! I heard we had them running and tripping all over each other from their retreat! Ha! The camp is alive with joy now. Everyone is dancing and having a grand ole time. I must go, there's a party going on!

Map of Williamsburg
A picture of The Union defeating those Confederates.. Again!

May 23rd, 1862

Honest Abe is at it again! Word is around camp, he's going to issue something called the "Emancipation Proclamation." It's making slavery illegal in the seceded states. So those Confederates lose their slaves! Ha! There's one small thing I noticed though. In the document it says only the seceded states and it doesn't include every state in the United States. So what about the northern states that have slaves? It's all confusing to me.                        Lincoln's a great president and all. But I kinda wish he could do more. Oh well though. You gotta start somewhere so I'll give em' a chance. Hopefully he gets rid of it soon though. That's what really needs to happen. No slavery. They are human beings just like us. They should not be forced to work hard labor without pay!                                                      If we're gonna have the colored people to work, we can't treat them like animals.  We gotta pay them or do something! Abe knows what he's doing. His thoughts are similar to mine. I just know it. He wants the slaves gone as much as I do.

A copy of the Emancipation Proclamation.
The signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.
Newspaper about Emancipation Proclamation 1/2
Newspaper article from Emancipation Proclamation 2/2

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