Odyssey they leave again

The odyssey part 2 They Leave

by Nash Thompson and Trever Long

After five long and happy years Odysseus was as happy                                             goddess of love Aphrodite. The land of Ithaca was restored to its                                   former glory and beautiful life no more suitors no more infested beggars and love was in the air.

The great Odysseus was growing old and weak from his historical journey                       His son Telemachus has become a great soldier and player.                                   Telemachus is now ready for his greatest journey yet Penelope doesn't think so

“Son do not go for there are things you have not seen or heard,                                         I have been warning you that since you were able listen.” Penelope said                         But mother I ready to go on a journey as my father did

Then Odysseus walk in with the smell of wine like he has been bathing in it                         “The son is right we must go on the Journey lets be off.”                                                  He steps back and almost falls like he did when he was a beggar.                                    All those years ago it almost feels like yesterday.

Telemachus goes to the ship where he said his last goodbye to his mother                            The other 18 heros which consist of Yoda, Maximus Decimus Meridius, Chuck Norris, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, The Doctor, Captain America, Sherlock Holmes,Arnold Schwarzenegger,Bruce Lee,and Austin Powers.

The rest are irrelevant to the story.

The sea was as calm as Fred Hoiberg in a game,                                                       Poseidon must be taking a nap or something                                                     Telemachus hugged his mother one last time                                                               “Don’t you worry mother I will bring me and father back safe”

"I know you will teletubby" Penelope said                                                                              Mom I’m not a kid any more I’m a man Gosh.                                                          Telemachus run to the boat to meet his father.                                                              Just then Athena came down to Telemachus and said                                                       With her new found color of light blue eyes said                                                       “Telemachus, make sure you listen to your father on the journey and your advisors”           “The only person I listen to is myself my mother and when my dad is sober I listen to him to.”

Just remember what I said Athena yelled before she disappeared.                                       My journey is about to start and I am going to complete it.

The 2 boats set sail to complete a journey of their lives.

They all thought that this would be a easy but what they don’t know is that a god named Ares is not a nice guy. Has a grudge against Arnold Schwarzenegger because in all of the future war movies Arnold always prevails.

They were heading to the golden shores of Folegandros                                           Odysseus stops there on journey away from Trojan war.                                                  “What is this place?” asked the intelligent Sherlock Holmes.                                                “I think I remember this place” odysseus said.                                                                “It the land of Ares the god of war.”

We should find another island Arnold schwarzenegger said                                           With the dark fear in his eyes                                                                                    Why are you scared great arnold the governor of the lost land of California                    Telemachus said, with a sort of greatness in his eyes.

They docked on the shores then found animals to hunt and clean water to drink.             “This is much the same as when I came here 15 years ago.” odysseus said                    The same things are in the same places.                                                                   “Look It Telemachus!!” The doctor said                                                                          “There's a hole in the ground maybe we should go down.” Captain ‘merica                          “I think but yolo.” said Arnold Schwarzenegger

They went down the stairs when the reached bottom there was a Jail cell that was holding a naked man how was tied with a bedazzled looking rope.

“Release him I will,” said yoda                                                                                      “No dont” Arnold said                                                                                                      It was to late yoda pulled his thallium coated sword. And sliced the rope right in half and sparkles came off,

"Now I will kill every man in this room" Ares roared                                                             I will start with Arnold Schwarzenegger, he smacks him with his great hand like a fly upon a wall                                                                                                                                 he goes flying and says get to the boat                                                                        they ran for there lives, some made it but some did not.

once they got to the boat they sailed away as fast as they could, they made it home and told there story to anyone who would listen.

Telemachus finally became a man

This Story is dedicated to the man how died

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