Diaper Bag Essentials
{for the simply practical}

This bag is for the breast fed baby who doses not eat solids yet. To make it a bottle fed baby bag, simply use an outer zipper pocket to insert a bottle; this is that pocket's intended use.

Inside Pockets

Pocket 1 (back/left)

4 diapers

Pocket 2 (back/right)

Baby book and,or toy

Pocket 3 (front/right)

Baby wipes and baby bottom cream

Pocket 4 (front/right)

Nursing cover

Inner Open Space

1 gallon sized Ziplock bag with baby clothes:
- 2 onesies
-1 pair of socks
- 1 pair of pants
- 1 cardigan/light sweater
- 1 receiving blanket
-1 burp rag
- 1 bib
1 large swaddle blanket,rolled up

Outside Pockets

( left side for baby, right side for parent)

Middle Zipper

Cell phone charger

Left Zipper

Baby items such as sunscreen, hair brush, Aqua 4, Colic Calm, etc.

Left Pocket

Burp rag

Right Zipper

Parent items such as a small wallet, lip gloss, lotion, hand sanitizer, lanolin cream, breast pads, etc.

Right Pocket

Keys and cell phone

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