I Used to be...

I used to be bullied by my height when I was in 6th grade

But now I stand up for my self, confront to the people who bullied me

I used to be very weak at everything and id always give up on myself

but now I am athletic and strong, and I never put myself down.

I used to be phlegnmatic abnd apathetic when people truy to get jmy attention

but now I am passionate and I listen carefylly to other people's complements.

I used  to be idealistic because I didn't really  care about what was going on in my life.

but now I am a hard- headed person because I am always stubborn to others.

I used to be dull and boring to other people when I try to get there attention.

but now I am funny, loveable and kind to the people who thought i was a nerd.

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