Impression Management

What is impression Management?

It is the effort to control and or influence other people's opinions and perceptions.

This is seen very often. It could be as simple as a friend talking about how good of a person their friend is so that they could hangout or it could be a person talking about how skilled and right they are for a job in a job interview so that they might get hired.  Also, even the way a person dresses could be to influence other people's opinion of that person.

This past year has really changed a lot for me. My perception of people has changed. I used to really judge anybody that I saw but meeting new people this year and learning how cool some of them are has led me to not judge from appearance but to find out what the person is really like. I have made new friends and lost old ones that was not even real friends and I am pretty content with how this past year has made me a better person. I feel more mature and happier with who I am and I do not care what people think about me anymore. This year has changed me a lot.
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