Joshua and Carter

The Lamborghini was invented by Ferruccio Lamborghini in 1963. He named the Lamborghini after his last name.

The Lamborghini helps people travel faster. The Lamborghini is one of the fastest cars on the market. It is also very cool and nice.

This product impacted society in a positive way. It gave people many jobs. it takes a lot of people to build Lamborghinis. It also helps people travel. It gets people places a lot quicker than most cars.

This product also impacted society in a negative way. It costs a lot of money. people used a lot of money buying Lamborghinis. Some people use Lamborghinis in bad ways that put people in danger.

The Lamborghini is a very awesome invention. If I could change it I would give it an X-Box in the backseat. It actually isn't as crazy as you think. The Lamborghini is already really amazing so making it a little more amazing isn't that crazy. The X-Box would make riding in a Lamborghini a lot more fun.

Science, math, technology, and engineering were all used in the creation of our product. Science was used because people had to make a safe, fast vehicle that people could drive. Math was used because people had to find the weight of the Lamborghini. Technology was used because it was creating a car that could go really fast. Engineering was used because people had to design a car that has rubber wheels so you can drive on concrete. They also had to design a wheel so you can steer.

There are three areas of technology that classifies the Lamborghini. Production, technology, and energy and power.


The Lamborghini has changed a lot over the years. You can tell by looking at the pictures. It has changed a lot from 1963 to 2014. In 2014, the Lamborghini is a lot nicer and faster.

The Lamborghini went through a lot of innovations. Here is a list of some major ones: 1973- Made a flat roof instead of a round one.                                                                       1981- Made different wheels so it would go faster.                                                               1990- Changed the windows so you can see out of the car better.                                           2003- Made the roof round again but also kept the flat roof on some Lamborghinis.   

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