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About Pacific NW Fertility

Located in the First Hill section of Seattle, Pacific NW Fertility continues to earn a reputation for delivering consistent results for individuals and couples who are struggling to have a child. Under the guidance of Drs. Lora Shahine, Lee Hickok, Julie Lamb, and Lorna Marshall, patients enjoy state-of-the-art care in offices designed for the benefit of their physical and mental well-being. The experienced professionals at Pacific NW Fertility understand that people who are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant go through a range of emotions, and they strive to make the treatment process as transparent and comfortable as possible. The clinic has helped countless patients since its founding in 2005 and enjoys a 79 percent rate of success in the donor egg program.

The clinic offers an array of services. Whether patients want in vitro fertilization, ovulation induction, or oocyte cryopreservation, the doctors use cutting-edge technology and draw on more than five decades of combined experience in order to provide each of their patients with a personalized treatment plan. One of the latest fertility advancements made available to their patients is Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening (CSS). Performed prior to embryo transfer, this specialized genetic testing increases the chances for a successful and healthy pregnacy by identifying and minimizing the risks associated with miscarriages and chromosomal abnormalities.

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