The Goddess Artemis

D.O.B: 9/28/2B.C - Unknown 😅

Many people say her "symbol" is the bow & arrow .

I was born on the island of Ortygia , about a day before my twin brother Apollo .. 👯

My Family Tree 🌳

This picture shows my parents , my grandparents , etc ..

What am I listening to ? 🎧

This is what I usually listen to , to really get me in the zone while hunting . 🐗

What Sports Do I Play?

Considering the fact that I am VERY competitive , I like to play all sports. Whether it be football or tennis , I WILL WIN.


What do I enjoy watching? 💻

One of my favorite movies of all time is Brave, I love that movie & can relate to it soooo much! One of my favorite shows is Survivor, I love the challenges they face.


What do I do on my spare time? 🐗

I hunt & then hunt & then hung some more..

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