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This is the Mayan Ruins called Tikal found in the acient ruins of Tikal.

Basic facts about Guatemala

The Population of Guatemala in 2013 was roughly 15.4 million

The official language is Spanish but people also speak English and K'iche

The capital city of Guatemala is Guatemala City and it has a population of about 2.3 mil.

The currency of Guatemala is Guatemalan quetzal

2 neighboring countries of Guatemala is Belize and Honduras.

Famous Places in Guatemala

This is the Tikal. It is an Ancient Mayan ruin found in Guatemala. It's famous because it's an ancient Mayan ruin.

This is the Lake; Lake Atitlan found in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. It is described as one of the prettiest places ever.

This's a random dude at the Pacaya Volcano in Guatemala. It's an active volcano! A high point of interest.

3 Expressions from Guatemala

un patojo/  ishto – a kid, or a child

pisto – Money- comes from Mayan people in Guatemala

canche – a light-skinned person,but usually not a tourist or foreigner

climate and geography of guatemala

Geography of Guatemala

The geography of guatemala is very mountinous execpt for the southern costal area.

The Climate is a tropical feel.

Food and Drink

Guatemalan food has many influences on modern food, like chinese.

They eat a lot of fried chicken in Guatemala

The guatemala national anthem

The Guatemalan Civil WAr

The Guatemalan Civil War has been around since the 1960's. The Guatemalan Civil War ended in 1996 with a peace between the guerrilla fighters and the government, negotiated by the United Nations through intense brokerage by nations such as Norway and Spain. Both sides made major concessions. The fighters were disarmed and received land to work on.

Fun Facts about guatemala

The name "Guatemala" comes from Nahuatl Cuauhtēmallān, "place of many trees", a translation of K'iche'

It is home to 33 volcanoes

Guatemala is the most-visited country in Central America.

Quetzaltenango and the Guatemalan currency “quetzal” are named after the endangered tropical bird. Ancient Mayans used its tail feathers as currency.

Blue denim comes from Guatemala

About 5-10 people are killed by falling bullets at Christmastime, when people fire off skyward in celebration


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