Fossil Fuels

C for coal, O for oil, and N for natural gas!

Oil pumps give us the oil that we use in our everyday lives


This is a lesson on fossil fuels. Oil comes from crude oil, which is a mix of hydrocarbons with some oxygen, nitrogen, and sulfur impurities. Some oil comes from the sea. Some oil pumps oil from the sea floor. This is where oil spill come in. If a pipe bursts, the pump will explode sending oil everywhere.  Spills waste the oil and kills wildlife.


Coal is recovered from the earth by surface mining or deep mining. Surface mining, or strip mining, is less expensive and usually occurs on flat land. Some people die doing this every year.  I dont think we need coal anymore because it was used in the past and very few thing need it. We can use it for fire but why not use rocks and wood? It is way more effective.

Natural Gas

Natural gas is a gas found deep in the earth. It is a energy source we can use to make power to our homes. Have you ever seen a tank outside a house near farms? If so, it is full of natural gas. It is used in many way. Can you think of some way we use it. If so save it for comments.

Help the Earth

Can you think of some way to save these resources? Let's help save these fuels and our much better.

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watch this epic news video on fossil fuesls

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Uhhhhhhhh the only thing I like is the bloopers

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