My story with drugs

I used to be one of the best

I used to feel fire running threw my chest

Sprinting was my life

But I decided to play with knives

The first time I took some

It was like heaven invaded my soul

Faster and faster I wanted to run

I had finally reached my goal

My name is Ben Johnson

I used to be cute as a button

But because of a drug called stanzolol

I decided to throw it all

Canada wasn't proud of me

And neither was I

It was like a rainy cloud

Appeared in the sky

Born in Falmouth

I was a guy from the south

I was used to hot weather

The thing is I wasn’t very clever

Oh Seoul!

I thought I'd win this battle

But karma caught up to me

And I was no longer care free

CBC radio

Called me a ‟ disgraced hero ″

And somehow I was

I had broken all the laws

I was only 27

This served me as a lesson

Don’t be ignorant

The Olympics are a commitment

Regrets have invaded my mind

I was completely blind

To the consequences of my actions

Calling my name were the prisons

I was close to the catastrophe

No I did not find myself in jail

I think we can all agree

My behavior was a complete fail

I was suspended for two years

And despite all my tears

I knew I had done something wrong

I knew it all along

To the generations to come

Please use your wisdom

Don’t recreate the same mistake

Drugs are not for you to take

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