Hello welcome to my webpage, I am going to be telling you about the country of Pakistan. The country is a very interesting place I think you will enjoy these few paragraphs about them. I will be telling you about the Muslims in Pakistan, the government and the economy.

First, I will tell you about the Muslims in Pakistan. The country is made up of about 97 percent of Muslims. The majority of the Muslims are Sunni. The others are Shias make up 20 percent of of the population of Muslims. They follow the official religion in Pakistan, Islam. They are the dominate people in Pakistan.

Next, I will tell you about the government. The government in Pakistan is Federal Republic. The capital of Pakistan is Islamabad. They got their independence on August 14. Their president is Mamnoon Hussian. It has two legislative houses.

Lastly, I will tell you about the Economy. The economy in Pakistan has been bad to say the least. It has had very slow growth. Food prices have spurted up and their is lots of poverty. Most citizens have low-income. The country also uses children to work in the labor force. The country is trying to expand investment and education for the future. The Pakistan economy is not in very good condition.

The country of Pakistan has some things that need to be worked on. I think that things will go well with the constant religion, the powerful government, and a slowly growing economy.

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