Climate Change

Is climate change real or not? People have worried about it for years but nobody has found a solution

    People always wonder whether climate change really exists. The evidence stacks up for both sides. It is a world wide concern and President Barack Obama recently announced climate change as a global threat. Climate change could cause great danger to the world and may have a big effect on the earth. Humans rely on oceans heavily. 70% of the worlds population lives within 60km of the shoreline. We catch about 80 million tons of fish each year. Global warming could effect the spread of marine life.

Climate change will favor many people throughout it's existence, but I believe that it will do more harm then good.


1. Farmers will have better and warmer weather to grow crops.

2. It will be warmer and brighter for more solar energy.

3. More people may be active because of the warm weather.


1. Ice and Glaciers will melt causing floods

2. Floods will cause animals to relocate

3. Population of marine animals will plummet.

4. Places where water is low will become even lower.

5. Death from heatstroke is more likely.

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2 years ago

Good job Roy. Thanks for sharing what you learned about climate change. Have a great summer!