Technology Veteran

An expert on business continuity, disaster recovery, and storage area networks, Panos Hawandjian holds certification in virtualization technology, also known as VMware. A veteran of the technology field for 15 years, Panos Hawandjian currently leads as vice president of field engineering at Boomerang Solutions Group.

He joined the firm in May 2015, following tenure as a senior solutions consultant at M-Theory Group and senior systems engineer at Moka5. He presently manages employees, operations, and customer requests. His role directly impacts the information technology needs and bottom line of business clients.

Mr. Hawandjian also dedicated more than five years to E2E Recovery. As chief executive officer, he honed his expertise in data protection and enterprise architecture. While at E2E, he provided technology solutions for small to mid-sized companies and ensured the proper replication and backup services were available to clients. Additionally, Panos Hawandjian has fulfilled management roles at InMage Systems, REOTrans, and Diskeeper Corporation.