Color vomit with a story

Tell Your Story with Color

Pantomine is a color selection app that will help you exactly match any color value you want with any camera equipped smart phone or tablet. The way this app works is that you take a picture of the color you are trying to match. Our app finds the exact amount of red, green, and blue, given off by a selected pixel in an image source. Then it goes to a large Pantone library and compares this value against it to find the closest match available. It is not a precise instrument yet. Development is being done to color collect for different lenses and lighting conditions, and we are developing an algorithm that more exactly selects the pixels with the value you seek.

Who is Pantomine?

The Pantomine team came together during Kent State University's "Kent Hack Enough" hackathon to develop an app based on Alli's idea. The app was designed to make color-matching easier for designers of all kinds, and also to make a new kind of social network to be enjoyed by any and everyone.

Our Team

Tony-App Developer

Tony is responsible for making the Android application. The initial app was developed in under 3 days by Tony, who had to learn (and recreate) new technology for the development of the app. Tony wrote the app from scratch, which makes it all the more impressive when considering he was not familiar with the technology previous to the hackathon.

Alli-Project Plan/App Idea

Pantomime is Alli's brainchild. When we came together as a group with the skills to code but no direction, Alli suggested a Pantone color-matching app with social integration. We were all immediately on board, and as the project progressed, Alli communicated her vision for the perfect social color-matching app, suggesting new features and tweaking the ones we already had. She may not know how to code apps, but Alli is a talented designer with a passion for color.

Chris-Website Design

Chris and Jack designed the Pantomine web page using CSS and a small amount of Javascript. During production of the app, Chris taught himself CSS so that when it came time to design the website, he was prepared. Chris has a love for social networking, and is currently working on a concept for integrating the social part of Pantomine into the app and the website.

Sarah-Moral Support

Sarah began hanging out with us on the second day of production. It started as her sitting with us to work on complicated Math and Physics problems in the presence of productivity, but turned into her keeping us company, laughing at our lame jokes, and Googling things about the Pantomine project we didn't want to.

Jack-Web Design/Interface Design

Jack's contribution to Pantomine was the UI mockup and concept. Alongside Alli, Jack made the User Interface's design a reality with the program Balsamiq. After finishing the UI's concept, Jack aided Chris in designing the website. Similarly to Chris, Jack had little knowledge of CSS before the project, but learned enough to edit Bootstrap's source to create the website for Pantomine.