when i arrived i though of me going to college.well what i like when we were at uta was that the scientist started to do some experiments and magic and also we got t8ime to met other people that we did not know. some things that i really did not like wasthat we were seated there and listening what they said for six hours do you imagine how bored i as well i think alot of people were bored to. I think everyone will like to be in the tour learning and watching were all the rooms at and we get to know Uta better we got to seat all day listening to people. suggestion or the tour of next year will  be that we get to do the tour and also do games that we can try out thing that they do also that we get to met teachers probably are gonna be our teachers when we go to Uta. I will not apply for Uta because my dream id to go to Texas a and m and learn there but if i don't get to ATM i will go to Uta. i hope to see my self in college and yes go haggies  well also go Uta

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