My Family Relations

My sister and brother

Eighteen years ago, when I was teenager, my brothers were like my parents because they always took care of me and taught me many things, when I moved to Ica to finish my high school so I love them. They used to play cards with me. They would deal the cards, they would say the game rules and they had someone give the award to winner.

They help me do my homework and study a lot when I would had exams. They taught me cook differents meals. My sister made me clean the house, but my brother would help me it. It was one of the activities that It loved me.

After many times, my brother travelled to U.S.A. and I stayed at home with my sister and her son. She would work and I took care her baby. My sister always would buy desserts, she would cook ceviche on Sundays and we shared at lunch.

Nowadays my brother still living in the U.S.A., my sister is living in Ica and I live in Lima. We lived together many years that I want them to come back to live with me and spend more time together. I miss them a lot.

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