In the photograph shown above is a road that travels through a community known as Deluz next to the city of Temecula. When I ride my Harley I like to take my camera along hoping to catch something unique. After spending many years in Louisville Kentucky I really miss the trees and green landscapes. While traveling through DeLuz I was captivated by the green and the beauty of the land scape, its similar to Kentucky. Peter Lik is a world renown photographer that has traveled to some of the most beautiful places and taken some of the most amazing shots of nature. I feel inspired by his work because of the beauty of nature he captures, when I see objects in nature that catches my eye I stop at nothing to get the shot I want. I feel that my pictures try and capture the essence that his do. I won’t go as far and say that I copy his work but it definitely inspires my photography. Taking this picture in DeLuz reminded me of the long drives I took through the Kentucky country side. Being inspired by a man such as Peter Lik I feel that taking a shot when inspired helps me truly capture the emotion I am feeling.I truly feel that using him as my inspiration will improve my photography skills.

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